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Paris HiltonTHE LAST TIME I saw Paris Hilton — across a crowded lawn, during a pre-Oscars picnic lunch at Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg’s Beverly Hills estate — I kept my distance.

After all, what was there to discuss? I’d banned the publicity-craving heiress from my gossip column in the New York Daily News in December 2004. I was faithful to the injunction right up until the moment, less than two years later, when my column was discontinued. But Paris persisted — untroubled by, and no doubt ignorant of, my feeble protest against her terrifying campaign for world domination.

Despite a lack of any discernible talent, education, scruples, manners, modesty or underpants, she is bigger than ever. Her hegemony over the popular culture is so pervasive that a Google search retrieves nearly 16 million “Paris Hilton” citations (although some small portion of those may be references to the Hilton Hotel in Paris), compared with only 3.5 million for “Hillary Clinton,” a woman who would be president.

So I can hardly blame the Associated Press for losing its nerve. The nation’s biggest wire service — which provides breaking news to tens of thousands of media outlets — vowed last month to ignore the trivial pursuits of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton’s leggy, blond great-granddaughter, who combines the sex appeal of a Swedish bikini model with the survival skills of a Norway rat.

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OprahJohannesburg – The rules at Oprah Winfrey’s ultra-posh school at Henley-on-Klip near Johannesburg are apparently so strict they make a reformatory look like a holiday resort.

That’s the word from upset parents, who say the school rules make it difficult for them to keep contact with their children.

They would have aired their concerns during a satellite link-up with the chat show queen a week ago, but that was cancelled at short notice by the school’s management body.

Meanwhile the school seems to have made the rules even stricter. Until now, the girls could receive visitors every fortnight, but parents can now only visit them once a month.

Frances Mans, foster mother of Gweneth Mulder, said last week she would take her daughter out of the school if the rules were not changed.

‘Surely this isn’t a prison?’

Cellphones and e-mail correspondence are out of bounds during the week, and girls are only allowed to phone their parents at weekends.

The maximum number of visitors per pupil is four, and visits have to be approved by the school at least two weeks in advance.

Mans said she had to wait at the security gate for half an hour to be signed in when she went to visit her daughter last Sunday.

“It was a nightmare. We had only two hours to see my child. Surely this isn’t a prison or an institution?”

The names of visitors must also match those on the security guard’s list before guests are allowed in.

Parents are not allowed to smuggle junk food in to the girls past the matrons.

“Then the girls lose points,” says Mans.

The girls get points for “good behaviour”, which they can exchange at a school shop for clothes and caps.

No treats allowed

“The poor children are not even allowed to have any treats. Their diet is fruit, yoghurt and sandwiches. When they go on holiday for a month in April they’ll be stuffing themselves with sweets and chocolates in any case.”

Angela Conradie, whose daughter Michelle is at the school, says she’s just as upset about the strict visiting times.

“Michelle phones me in tears sometimes, and then I don’t know what to say to her,” says Conradie.

John Samuels, the executive head of the school, confirmed that only one visit a month would be allowed in future.

This means that if a girl has five siblings, she will only be able to see all of them over a period of three months.

Samuels says he sees nothing wrong with the system.

“We have the security and well-being of the girls at heart, in every respect. They are our priority. If there’s too much movement on the premises at the weekend, it disturbs the school spirit.”

{March 12, 2007}   Pam and Tommy: Back On?

Pamela Anderson and Tommy LeePamela Anderson, 39, and ex-hubby, rocker Tommy Lee, 44, may have ended their high-profile marriage in 1998, but could the two be looking to rekindle their romance?

The duo was spotted lunching as a family – with sons Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 9, – at the trendy Santa Monica eatery The Ivy this week.

Pam, who split from Kid Rock, 35, last November after four months of marriage, was snapped by photogs in a steamy smooch with Tommy as she exited the restaurant. No word yet on whether the two are back into their old ways, but one thing is for sure – that liplock is H-O-T!

Al GoreFormer US vice president Al Gore has said that people must be given the chance to put across their own views of the world via television.

A more ‘democratised’ television is needed to “give people a voice”, he believes.

His comments come ahead of the launch of a new television channel in the UK that will be created by and for 18- to 34-year-olds.

The global satellite and cable channel Current TV will have at least 30 per cent of its content provided by the viewers themselves.

“It’s part of an effort to democratise the television medium and to give individuals a chance to put their own perspectives on television; that’s really what it’s all about viewer created content,” Mr Gore told BBC Radio Five Live.

“It’s designed to give individuals a voice. People make television about what’s going on in their lives, in their own voices. We want to give a chance to join the global conversation.”

He added that the content would include short documentaries typically between three and eight minutes “from all over” the world.

Mr Gore is no stranger to cameras; his documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, was a worldwide hit and was named as the best documentary feature at this year’s Academy Awards.

Keane are to headline Wales’ first major music festival this summer.

Fflam, the Welsh word for flame, aims to be the country’s equivalent of Scotland’s hugely successful T in the Park.

Placebo will headline on Saturday and other acts confirmed so far include Manic Street Preachers, Levellers, Feeder and new group Enter Shakira.

Sunday night’s main artist is to be announced in the next few weeks and more than 50 bands will play across the three-day festival, which is expected to be attended by 30,000 music fans.

Nicky Wire from Welsh group Manic Street Preachers, said that it would be “good to be back in Swansea”.

Alongside the heavyweight bands will be three unsigned acts as a competition is being launched to find three new Welsh acts to perform at the festival on the main stage. Runners-up will play on the festival’s talent stage.

Festival promoter John Curd of Straight Music said: “As well as giving locals the chance to see some of the best live bands around, we are also dedicated to nurturing new talent and the full line up will reflect that.”

Gerald Clement, Swansea council’s cabinet member for culture, recreation and tourism, said that the line-up will “certainly put Swansea on the UK’s top festivals map”.

“This is an excellent opportunity, to not only showcase Swansea, but also Wales, as the line-up has such national appeal,” he added.

Fflam will take place at Swansea’s Singleton Park from Friday July 13th to Sunday July 15th. Tickets go on sale on today.

Elizabeth Hurley
The showbiz wedding of the year continued over the weekend but English actress Elizabeth Hurley won’t be happy that the event was stormed by around 50 journalists.

Enraged hacks, who had been blocked from the wedding due to an exclusive photo deal with ‘Hello!’ magazine, tried to gain entry to the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur after chasing Liz and her new husband Arun Nayar when they arrived in a Bentley car.

The paparazzi had been camped outside the fort for the three-day ceremony but a fight broke out when the couple eventually arrived and tried to get through a security cordon.

This spilled over into a brawl as the journalists attempted to gain entry to the wedding and a female writer was apparently “slapped” by a security guard.

Liz retuned to London yesterday after trying the knot in India in what was a second wedding ceremony after their bash at Gloucestershire’s Sudeley Castle last weekend.

Britney Spears
Troubled pop superstar Britney Spears has apparently revealed to doctors that her problems are not recent and she has been suffering from bulimia since she was 16.

Since going into rehab last week in Malibu, Britney has been opening up about her unhealthy lifestyle and eventually told doctors about the bulimia she has suffered since her teenage years.

A source told All Headline News: ‘Her first week in detox was real hell. She was in a total mess but slowly she’s pulling through.

‘She was throwing the whole lot up, so, naturally, her medications weren’t working. Now the medical experts know why, her progress should pick up a little speed.’

Soon to be ex-husband Kevin Federline has also been paying the singer a visit so that she can see her two boys who she misses.

Witnesses claim she looked visibly upset when her sons left but she is still enrolled at the Promises clinic.

{March 12, 2007}   Eva tells of wedding plans

Eva tells of wedding plans

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria has revealed some of her plans for her forthcoming nuptials to basketball-ace Tony Parker.

Due to be married on 7th July 2007, Eva has already sorted out the evening’s entertainment, having set her eye on an American country music star.

‘My friend Kenny Chesney is going to sing at my wedding,’ she told Cosmopolitan magazine, before admitting that she hadn’t actually asked him yet.

Eva has also been raving about her wedding dress, reportedly being designed by French fashion designer, Monique Lhuillier.

‘My dress, my dress, my dress! I wish I could wear ten dresses to my wedding,’ she enthused. ‘It’s so sad that you put it in storage and then never see it again.’

When asked what her secret was to maintaining a healthy relationship, Eva stated: ‘We never go to bed angry, which sometimes frustrates Tony because he’ll be like ‘Please. I have a game tomorrow. I need sleep.

‘Another rule we have is that nobody is ever right. I don’t need to be right. I just want to be understood. The same goes for him.’

The wedding bells are also understood to be making the actress broody as she confessed that she would like to start planning for a family in the future, adding: ‘I do want to have a family at some point. I also want to adopt. I don’t feel pressure to have kids because I know there are so many out there.’

{March 12, 2007}   Lindsay Lohan Goes Blonde

Lindsay Lohan has made a major life change. She’s gone blonde. Ok, maybe its not as life altering as, you know, going into rehab (and back out every other day or so), but I’m sure it required alot of thought and careful consideration on Lindsay’s part.

Or maybe she just woke up one morning and thought she’d like to have a little ray of sunshine on her head.

I don’t know if I like LiLo as a blonde yet…ok, I don’t like Lindsay as a self-indulgent twit.

Does Miss Clairol make a rinse for that?

Vince Vaughn Paris Hilton

Is Paris Hilton getting dissed by the its-a-good-thing-he’s-funny Vince Vaughn? Paris and Vince were sitting across from each other at a celebrity poker torunament when Paris reportedly tried her hand at flirting with Vince. And it took Vince less than a nano-second to distance himself from the been everywhere, done everyone heiress.

From MSN:

But a “close Vaughn buddy” insists to the Chicago Sun-Times that the recent ex of Jennifer Aniston has no intention of going where two Greek billion-heirs, a former boy-bander and an ooky “Girls Gone Wild” mogul have gone before. “First of all, she flirted with him,” the insider clarifies to the paper. “Trust me, Vince is not interested in Paris Hilton.”

If it was possible to put a dent in Paris’ overly high opinion of herself, this might do it. Not only did she get turned down by a bloated guy on the rebound, but Vince is so worried about being seen within ten feet of her that he had to issue an anti-Paris statement. Or maybe it was just a public serivce message about avoiding herpes…either way, bad news for Paris.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz may have dumped ex-boyfriend Tom Cruise, but did she take a little piece of his crazy away from the relationship? Rumor has it that the Spanish hottie has been seen hanging around Tom’s favorite haunt…The Scientology Celebrity Center.


She was a regular visitor at the Scientology Celebrity Center in the two weeks leading up to the Academy Awards. A source said: “She spent several afternoons there. When she’s in Los Angeles, she goes often.”

So maybe Penelope is jumping on the spaceship, or maybe she’s a smart business woman and she’s looking to ingratiate herself in one of the major power spots in Hollywood. Seriously, forget Hyde, if you want to make a deal hit the Celebrity Center. Is it a coincidence that after hanging with the original Cruise Penelope’s career took off and now that she’s been spotted at the C.C. she gets nominated for an Academy Award? Call me paranoid if you want, but someone is working on changing the Hollywood sign to Hubbard-land.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera may have followed in Britney’s pop singer footsteps, but she was right to skip the whole head shaving thing. Christina’s blonde locks have earned her another line for her resume. In Touch Weekly has named Xtina Hollywood’s hottest blonde.

From The National Ledger:

Do blondes have more fun? One thing is certain, Hollywood is full of the platinum gals and In Touch Weekly has put together its list of the hottest blondes in Tinseltown. Leading the way is Christina Aguilera. Xtina just edges out the newly single Reese Witherspoon who had what many believed was the hottest look at the Oscars.

So I’m guessing you didn’t get disqualified for being a chemically enhanced blonde. Of course Christina has changed her hair color so many times that she might actually be a natural blonde and we’d never know it. Well, I guess there is one way to find out the truth, but I don’t want to go that far up her skirt.

MadonnaMadonna’s former nanny is looking to cash in on her years of babysitting. The former kid minder in reportedly shopping around a proposal for a tell-all peek into the family life of Madonna and her brood.


A woman claiming to be a former nanny for Madonna is currently shopping a tell-all memoir detailing the inner workings of the Madonna-Guy Ritchie household. has seen the 80-page proposal, which is being circulated among major publishing houses. The document proposes a book that will reveal intimate information gleaned from Melissa Dumas’ service as Madonna’s nanny. Sample chapters and chapter summaries provide a laundry list of alleged details pertaining to Madonna’s marriage to Ritchie, their children’s behavior, the family’s participation in Kabbalah, and the motivation behind Madonna’s decision to adopt a boy from Malawi. The pitch also contains personal photos of Madonna’s family, as well as photos of the alleged nanny playing with Madonna’s kids.

This book has lawsuit written all over it. That is if Madonna lets the woman live. Maybe the nanny was too busy taking notes on what Lourdes and Rocco ate for lunch or stealing family photos to notice Madonna’s workout schedule. Cause unless this nanny was a German weightlifter, Madge could her snap her like a cheap chopstick.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears has lasted longer in rehab than most of us thought she would, but it hasn’t been easy. The bottomed out Brit isn’t quite ready to admit that she has a problem.

From MSN:

According to Us Weekly, the meltdown-suffering mom of Sean Preston, 18 months, and Jayden James, 6 months, is “miserable” at the spalike center, with an insider claiming she “has been getting in tons of trouble.”

Among her alleged infractions: making too many phone calls and venturing out to pick up some new togs (she reportedly spent $3,000 at Los Angeles boutique Intuition during an online retail-therapy session).

Despite Promises’ nontough love approach, Brit still seems to be having a tough time working through the first of the 12 steps.

“She’s convinced she’s suffering from postpartum depression and does not think she has an alcohol or drug problem,” tattles the snitch. “She’s angry at her family and her manager for pressuring her to enter the program. She feels she was ambushed.”

She thinks Mama driving her to rehab was an ambush? After the head shaving, car bashing week Britney spent before she went into Promises her family could have tossed a net over her, stuffed her in a sack and rolled her all the way to Promises and no one would have held it against them.

Jennifer GarnerHere is your daily dose of adorable…Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet out being cuter than a basket full of puppies.

Motherhood looks good on Jen. And it must work on her since she told the British verison of Marie Claire that she wants more kids someday. Not that I blame her, Violet even makes my ovaries tingle a little. Here’s what Jen says about being a mom.

“Since having my daughter,” Garner says, “I feel both happiness and anxiety more deeply.”

Even without the object of my lust Ben Affleck anywhere in sight, these pics made my shriveled heart melt just a little. Now I need to go find some celebrites doing stupid stuff before I go all soft and squishy.

courtney-love.jpgCourtney Love is being sued by a rehab facility for failing to pay her bill. The perpetually messed up Love reportedly spent three months at the luxe Beau Monde rehab center back in 2005 and then never settled up her nearly $200,000 tab.

From TMZ:

“Rocker Courtney Love is being sued by a posh rehab facility for allegedly not paying an ultra-expensive bill stemming from her three-month stay back in 2005.

The lawsuit, which first appeared on, accuses Love of owing Beau Monde International $181,286. According to court papers, Love stayed at their Orange County facility, Beau Monde’s Recovery Retreat, from August 25, 2005 through November 18, 2005. The suit claims that Love paid $10,000 a week after entering, but that was all they ever received.”

See, that’s why I refuse to quit drinking. Sobriety is just too damn expensive.


 Uh, we dunno about you, but our yoga class doesn’t come with swings.

Courtney Love is being sued for allegedly forgetting to pay her 3-month $181,000 rehab tab.

Gallery of the Absurd designs a new hands-free multiple-child carrier for Angelina “womb raider” Jolie with plenty of room for any children she may pick up along the way.

In this Michael Jackson pic, you can almost hear the little Japanese children thinking, “If I continue to stare straight ahead, hopefully the scary ghost in the unfortunate suit will disappear.”

With Dina Lohan too busy hitting Bungalow 8 to provide proper maternal guidance, Lindsay Lohan simply turned into her own mother.

 Maggie Gyllenhaal takes over the role that Katie Holmes abandoned in the Batman franchise for Tom Cruise the film Mad Money.


Are Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen expecting a baby? Rumors have been flying over the last few days, with blogs and gossip columns getting conflicting reports about the supposed pregnancy.

The rumor was made that much juicier because Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, 36, is four months pregnant with his child. The couple of three years split in December, and a month later Brady took up with Bundchen, with whom he recently took a romantic vacation through Paris, Rome, and Milan, before heading to Brazil last week where he met the model’s parents.

Reps for Moynahan, Brady, and Gisele say that they are not commenting on the rumor. In the meantime, Us deconstructs how the gossip began and what people close to the couple are saying.

How the rumor started:
The popular Brazilian celebrity website reported on Wednesday that the 26-year-old Victoria Secret model is expecting a baby with the New England Patriots quarterback and has shared the good news with several select friends and family members.

What insiders are telling Us:
Sources inside Victoria’s Secret tell that Bundchen isn’t pregnant.

Insiders at the Patriots, who confirmed to Moynahan’s pregnancy to when we broke the news in February, tell Us that Bundchen is not expecting.

Moynahan is said to be unsure as well, waiting to find out the truth along with everyone else.

However, a source tells New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy: “She has told friends it’s true.”

What her family is saying:
Bundchen’s father, Valdir, denied the report to the Brazilian daily newspaper O Dia, saying: “It is not true. I speak with Gisele every day and she would have told me.”

The model’s sister Raquel seconded her father, telling that it was a false report:

“It is clear that Gisele is not pregnant. She is well and has lots of commitments (meaning modeling gigs),” said the supermodel’s sis.

Raquel also told Ego that Gisele’s twin sister, Patricia, told her: “People are inventing things.”

Fuel for the fire:
Bundchen recently told Italian Vanity Fair that she’d like to have children, but she’s in no hurry. “I’d be lying if I said [I didn’t want a family] — my parents have been married for 35 years and have six children,” she said. “Thing is, I’m just 26 years old, so I have plenty of time.”

Antonella Barba “topless” pics
I didn’t put these up when they first came out because, well, I don’t care about American Idol. But now it’s gotten to the point where if you own a website you’re required by the very laws of the universe to put up the “scandalous” Antonella Barba pics. So here they are. All of them. Now stop sending me emails and let’s never speak of her again.

All gajillion pictures of Antonella Barba posing semi-nude after the jump. Most of these are LSFW or NSFW so try not to get fired.

NOTE: The ones of her giving a blowjob aren’t on here because those aren’t her.

{March 10, 2007}   Rossum and Evans?

Emmy RossumIt appears Emmy Rossum finds Jessica Biel’s ex-boyfriend Chris Evans fantastic.

Rossum and the Fantastic Four hottie were spotted at Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Wednesday night, reports an onlooker.

“They were making out in front of everyone,” the onlooker says.

I’m told the two met just a week ago and have taken quite a liking to each other. Before hitting Teddy’s, they were at Prime Grill, a kosher restaurant in Beverly Hills, according to a source.

Evans, 25, who costars as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic series and will next be seen in The Nanny Diaries, famously dated Biel for five years. Our own E! ranked him number 18 in last year’s 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies. Take one look at his shot posted above from the movie Cellular, and you’ll see why.

Rossum, 20, most recently starred in last year’s Poseidon and is currently recording her debut album. She dated David Wildenstein, of the billionaire art-dealing family, for about a year until 2005. (His aunt is the infamously plastic surgery-enhanced Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka the Catwoman.)

Rossum’ s rep insists the two didn’t lock lips: “They are just friends.”

davis-mallory.jpgDid Lance Bass have a too-close-for-comfort encounter last night with the man who reportedly came between him and former beau Reichen Lehmkuhl?

Bass was at Logo’s Time Warner Cable party at Boulevard3 in Hollywood when he ran into Real World: Denver star Davis Mallory, who allegedly hooked up with Lehmkuhl in January while Lehmkuhl was still dating Bass.

Bass reportedly dumped Lehmkuhl after hearing about the alleged liaison.

An onlooker reports: “Lance was making his way to the bar but didn’t realize he was literally an inch away from Davis. Lance turned around when someone accidentally bumped him, and that’s when he came face-to-face with Davis. He just kind of looked at Davis, and there was this awkward moment of them making eye contact, and then Lance and his friends went to a different part of the room.”

However, I’m told things between the two may not be as frosty as it appeared. Another source tells me that Bass and Mallory chatted at one point during the evening. “They’re actually not angry with each other,” the source says, “because Davis really didn’t think Lance and Reichen were still dating when everything happened.”

As for Bass’ posse, many—including myself—wondered if the tall, tan and well-coifed hunky fella he was hanging with was a new romance. “It’s not anything like that,” a source says. “It’s very platonic.”

Bass’ rep declined to comment.

MadonnaDoes Madonna have a new best friend? Sure sounds like it.

The Material Mom has become chummy with mother-to-be Naomi Watts, a source reports. 
The two were spotted in New York last night taking in a performance of Broadway’s Talk Radio, a revival of Eric Bogosian’s play starring the Aussie starlet’s boyfriend (and the daddy of her baby), Liev Schreiber.

And get this: During a backstage visit with Schreiber after the show, Madonna unexpectedly had a—gulp—20-year Who’s That Girl? reunion when she ran into Griffin Dunne, her costar from the 1987 flick.

Meanwhile, a rumor of why Madonna is also in New York right now is moving quickly through the city’s gay boy population.

There’s talk that Madonna and Cher may make surprise appearances tomorrow at the legendary Roxy nightclub. Not only is it the Saturday gay party, but sadly, it’s the closing night of the legendary dance hall.

Soon after the doors close for good, the Roxy will reportedly be torn down to make way for an apartment building.

Gay icons like Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the divas who, when they’ve had a new album or movie to promote, would make sure to pop by the Roxy’s gay night.

I certainly had my fun at the Roxy back during my New York years. I have some great memories—and some hazy ones, too—of late night drinks turning into early morning dancing and other unmentionable experiences.

I’m sort of sad I’m not there for the end.

On second thought, maybe not. These days, I much prefer waking up in the wee hours of the morning—rather than just getting to bed.

BonoRED, the campaign backed by singer and campaigner Bono to raise money for Aids in Africa, has hit back at an article criticising its performance.

The trade magazine Advertising Age described as “meagre” the $18 million raised by RED since its launch, claiming that participating companies had spent $100 million on marketing.

But the campaign has reacted angrily writing a series of open letters to the publication’s editor.

Bobby Shriver, RED’s chief executive and the author of one of the letters, noted that the scheme was only properly launched in the US in October last year and that the marketing money spent by the likes of Gap and Apple would have been spent anyway.

“We were able to divert existing marketing dollars for RED,” Shriver said. “The companies have erected signs in stores and billboards across America saying that Aids in Africa is a serious global problem.

“What is the value of that communication? Your writer never tells us.”

Professor Sir Richard Feachem, president of the Global Fund for Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria said in his letter that he was ‘disappointed’ and ‘surprised’ at the article.

The idea behind RED is to encourage consumers to consider charitable causes, in this case Aids in Africa, when they make choices about what they buy.

Partner organisations provide a range of special products and services and donate a proportion of the profits for the purchase of anti-retroviral medicines.

{March 10, 2007}   All Saints to bounce back

All SaintsAll Saints have vowed to continue making music despite being dropped by their record label.

The four-piece were ditched by Parlophone earlier this month following weeks of speculation after their comeback album Studio One failed to live up to expectations.

But despite this quite significant setback, the girls are determined to keep their careers going and have promised fans they have not seen the last of them.

“We’re really disappointed that things didn’t work out with our album, Studio One on Parlophone,” All Saints said in a statement posted on their MySpace page.

“We’ve just hit some very weird turns along the way with some of the media which is such a shame for our fans as we know you love our music.”

The statement went on: “We’re going to continue making our music and we’ll keep you in the picture as things go.”

Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and sisters Natalie and Nicole Appleton got together in the mid-90s.

Their first eight singles all made the top ten, with five of them reaching number one.

But the pressures of touring and promoting got too much and they split up in 2001.

Their comeback single at the end of last year showed some promise, but album sales were poor and their second single, Chick Fit, was only released online.

johnny-depp-daughter-sick-lily-rose.jpgJohnny Depp’s daughter is said to be showing signs of improvement after being treated in a London hospital.

Details of Lily-Rose’s condition have remained sketchy as Depp and his partner Vanessa Paradis have sought to maintain their privacy.

The seven-year-old is though said to be getting better, with the Daily Mirror reporting that she was even allowed to leave hospital last night and spend time with her parents at a hotel.

Depp and Paradis are said to have kept a constant vigil at the little girl’s bedside while she was being treated.

A statement from the actor’s publicist said Lily-Rose was doing well and thanked fans for their support.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is in town filming Sweeney Todd, a musical adaptation of the classic story about the serial killing 19th century barber which sees Depp team up once again with eccentric director Tim Burton.

The pair last worked together on Burton’s lavish remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but will be hoping their latest venture is better-received by the critics.

Shilpa ShettyNo-one will face any criminal charges over allegations of racist behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house, police have said.

Hertfordshire police have interviewed four housemates during what they called a “balanced” investigation, although two unnamed contestants in the Channel 4 reality TV series declined to talk to police.

The probe stemmed from a number of complaints to police and a record number to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom after Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty appeared to be subjected to racist abuse.

But police have said today that while what occurred in the house was “clearly offensive” it did not represent a criminal offence.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Parr said: “Our investigation has now concluded and a file has been handed across to the crown prosecution service (CPS).

“In the absence of a complaint from any of the housemates regarding behaviour – including behaviour that was not broadcast – the CPS has concluded that whilst what occurred was clearly offensive, it was not criminal.”

Hertfordshire police said that it asked production company Endemol and broadcaster Channel 4 to supply them with unedited footage from the show, which was never broadcast.

Both declined to cooperate and “stated they would contest any application to court”, police said.

But after consultation with the CPS and after none of those interviewed said they had witnessed racial abuse in the house, the case was dropped.

“It was felt that it would not be in the public interest to effect arrests or to pursue footage through the courts,” a police statement said.

Detective Inspector Jeeta Aulak, who led the probe, added: “The investigation was balanced, considering all the complaints received.

“During enquiries, we liaised with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) – this was to ensure that all issues were considered and responded to. The CRE were happy with our response and investigation.”

Thousands of viewers inundated Ofcom complaining at the treatment Shetty received from fellow housemates Jade Goody, Jo O’Meara and Danielle Lloyd during the January series.

Protests were seen in Shetty’s home country of India as the show continued and chancellor Gordon Brown was forced into commenting on the incident during a diplomatic trip to the country.

{March 10, 2007}   Van Halen goes into rehab

Eddie van HalenEddie van Halen, lead guitarist with the legendary rock band Van Halen, has gone into rehab.

The announcement on Van Halen’s official website confirmed that the 52-year-old was seeking professional help.

In a message to fans, he said he needed to “change for the better” before he could contemplate any more live performances.

“At the moment I do not feel that I can give you my best,” Dutch-born Van Halen said.

“That’s why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110 per cent that I feel I owe you and want to give you.”

Van Halen has had previous battles with alcohol and in the late 1990s underwent treatment for mouth and tongue cancer.

Since forming in 1978, Van Halen the band have sold more than 75 million albums worldwide and are widely considered one of the most influential hard rock groups of the last half century.

News of Eddie van Halen’s personal problems follow an announcement that the band’s summer tour has been postponed, which will also delay the much-anticipated reunion with former front man David Lee Roth.

Kate WinsletKate Winslet has accepted a settlement from a leading publisher after successfully challenging an article claiming she had sought medical help to lose weight.

Grazia magazine, which is owned by UK publishing firm Emap, wrongly stated that Winslet had visited a so-called ‘diet doctor’ in California.

The British actress, who starred in films including Titanic and Finding Neverland, has always been an outspoken supporter of healthy curves.

Her lawyers argued that a story suggesting she had seen a doctor about her weight made her look like a hypocrite and damaged her professional reputation.

The settlement, which was described as substantial, will reportedly be donated to a charity that helps people suffering from eating disorders.

Emap apologised for the article, which the ruling accepted had been written in good faith.

Winslet, 31, has been nominated for five Academy Awards, most recently this year for Little Children when she lost out to Dame Helen Mirren.

Liz Hurley pregnancy rumoursThe model and actress was photographed wearing a tight-fitting dress in Jodhpur ahead of a lavish ceremony at the Umaid Bhavan Palace.

A small bump has led to feverish speculation that she could be carrying new husband Arun Nayar’s baby.

Hurley could of course just be carrying a little extra weight or perhaps the camera was being unkind, but the rumour mill has started nonetheless.

Sources close to the star have poured cold water on the story and there has been no official statement from her camp.

The wedding party has a glamorous list of attendees and as they have descended on Jodhpur a massive security operation has got underway.

Security guards were out in force yesterday, scuffling with photographers as 300 guests including Bollywood stars and prominent fashion designers prepared for main event.

Hurley and Nayar were married in the UK last weekend in a private ceremony before heading off to India to continue the celebrations.

The magazine deal with Hello was said to be worth more than £2 million.

{March 10, 2007}   Nobody’s Paying the Bill

Brandon DavisNot one but two “celebs” are in legal hot water after skipping out on some money owed.

First, TMZ reports that the Atlantis Paradise Resort and Casino in the Bahamas is after Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis for writing a bad check for $75,000 for casino markers.

$75,000, people! That’s almost as enormous as his gut! The lawsuit, which was filed in New Jersey, claims that Davis either knew he was writing a bad check, or wrote the check and planned to get the bank to put a stop-payment on it.

He’s always such a great example of a classy guy!

The other non-paying person is none other than Courtney Love, who skipped out on her bill for her latest rehab stint. According to The Smoking Gun, Beau Monde is claiming that Love owes them $181,286 for her 2005 stay at the facility. Love allegedly put $10,000 down on her stay, but failed to pay the rest of the bill, which includes spa treatments and “other incidentals.”

You’d think at prices like that, fewer celebs would relapse after rehab!

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