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{March 12, 2007}   Vince Vaughn Isn’t Into Paris Hilton

Vince Vaughn Paris Hilton

Is Paris Hilton getting dissed by the its-a-good-thing-he’s-funny Vince Vaughn? Paris and Vince were sitting across from each other at a celebrity poker torunament when Paris reportedly tried her hand at flirting with Vince. And it took Vince less than a nano-second to distance himself from the been everywhere, done everyone heiress.

From MSN:

But a “close Vaughn buddy” insists to the Chicago Sun-Times that the recent ex of Jennifer Aniston has no intention of going where two Greek billion-heirs, a former boy-bander and an ooky “Girls Gone Wild” mogul have gone before. “First of all, she flirted with him,” the insider clarifies to the paper. “Trust me, Vince is not interested in Paris Hilton.”

If it was possible to put a dent in Paris’ overly high opinion of herself, this might do it. Not only did she get turned down by a bloated guy on the rebound, but Vince is so worried about being seen within ten feet of her that he had to issue an anti-Paris statement. Or maybe it was just a public serivce message about avoiding herpes…either way, bad news for Paris.


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