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{March 10, 2007}   Nobody’s Paying the Bill

Brandon DavisNot one but two “celebs” are in legal hot water after skipping out on some money owed.

First, TMZ reports that the Atlantis Paradise Resort and Casino in the Bahamas is after Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis for writing a bad check for $75,000 for casino markers.

$75,000, people! That’s almost as enormous as his gut! The lawsuit, which was filed in New Jersey, claims that Davis either knew he was writing a bad check, or wrote the check and planned to get the bank to put a stop-payment on it.

He’s always such a great example of a classy guy!

The other non-paying person is none other than Courtney Love, who skipped out on her bill for her latest rehab stint. According to The Smoking Gun, Beau Monde is claiming that Love owes them $181,286 for her 2005 stay at the facility. Love allegedly put $10,000 down on her stay, but failed to pay the rest of the bill, which includes spa treatments and “other incidentals.”

You’d think at prices like that, fewer celebs would relapse after rehab!


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